Building Excellence for Over 50 Years

We build commercial and Industrial projects thought the Maritime provinces.

We have the drive and experience to ensure your project meets your vision and is built to last.

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Quality Service from Certified Professionals

You can expect us to deliver services of a high standard.

Our pre-engineered solutions are cost-effective and easy to construct.

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Thorough Planning

From start to finish with any project, we are thorough with every step.

If you hire us as your construction management company, you can rest assured we’ll lead every aspect of your build — from well before groundbreaking until long after the ribbon-cutting.

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Join Our Team

Looking to join a team of highly motivated and skilled professionals?

If you have what it takes and meet the job requirements listed below,

use the electronic form and apply for a job at Penniac Construction Limited.

Work in a dynamic environment and team today!


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A Strong Partnership for a Better Build

Varco Pruden is our supply partner for pre-engineered metal buildings.

Together we bring award-winning design and delivery of pre-engineered construction that offers a quick, cost-effective build to turn your vision into a reality.


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What Is Construction Management?

Construction Management (CM) is a project delivery method through which a construction manager facilitates the design and construction of a building project. By organizing and directing staff, materials, and equipment, the construction manager’s task is to accomplish the purpose of the designer. CM is also a professional service for specialized managing of the planning, design, and construction of a building project from concept to completion to control building time, cost, and quality.

Penniac Construction Limited has extensive experience in this field and has successfully become one of the leading construction management companies in the area. Our team members are our core strength. Our experts and frontline leaders have effectively managed to steer through some tough challenges to provide cutting-edge solutions in our past projects. Connect with Penniac Construction Limited and make the best use of our expertise to get brand-new solutions for your projects.


Our Approach to Manage Construction Projects

Our Construction management service is comprehensive and detailed. It includes innovation, health, safety and environment management, field engineering, quality assurance, contracts management, field procurement, materials management, project controls and construction plan.

Our main approach with any construction management project involves these:

  1. Innovation Our experts use the latest technology to bring out new solutions in the construction process. We aim to utilize the space to the maximum level with minimal expenditure.
  2. Construction Plan Once we procure the field, we chart out a detailed and exhaustive plan about the construction project.
  3. Safety This is an integral part of Penniac Construction Limited. We abide by all safety precautionary measures and maintain a record of zero accidents over the past 5+ years.
  4. Expertise To carry out and implement construction management duties is no simple task. Our top-class experts bring unique solutions and stand by our clients from the beginning to end.

Collaborate with Penniac Construction Limited for your upcoming construction management project and get quality results.

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